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Jul 26, 2021

In today’s episode we are talking to Cameil McLennon, an entrepreneur and PDI consultant. Cameil joins us today to share her tips for PDIs and best practices for new homeowners.

Originally from Jamaica and a recent immigrant to Canada, Cameil originally worked in the tourism industry which gave her a solid foundation of customer care and admin services. From there, Cameil moved on to the construction industry. Now, at 36, Cameil is a new entrepreneur with two businesses based in Toronto.

In this episode:

  • About Cameil and her current businesses. (1:35)
  • What is a PDI and what does it mean for a brand-new build? (2:45)
  • The dangers of sneaking into your new property before it’s ready. (4:20)
  • What should you be looking for in a PDI and how should you prepare? (4:56)
  • The importance of being thorough in your inspection without obsessing over the little things. (6:45)
  • What is the difference between requirements of the builder and warrantable issues? (8:42)
  • Reasons why you must be precise when recording issues on your PDI forms. (9:35)
  • How you should research your builder and why it’s so important. (11:00)
  • About Andrea’s recent experience with her new home. (13:18)
  • Holding builders responsible for delivering a polished product. (15:55)
  • What Cameil’s life as an entrepreneur looks like. (16:52)
  • How The Admin Polishers came to be. (17:30)
  • Fine tuning and why it has to be done in this industry. (18:20)
  • Some recommended resources from Cameil. (19:57)
  • How the pandemic drove change in Cameil’s life. (22:25)




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